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  • Long lasting alternative to traditional roofing felt
  • One-piece EPDM rubber sheet held on with black steel trims
  • No joins or nail holes (more waterproof)
  • 20+ year lifespan
  • Matching corner guards available

Fitting Instructions

  • Ensure maximum care is taken when working at heights. Stepladders should be securely fastened and PPE such as gloves and eye protection should be worn.
  • It is recommended that two people carry out this task. The rubber sheet can be very heavy, especially on larger sizes.
  • Start with a bare timber roof. Ensure it is dry, smooth and free of any sharp objects that could pierce or rub against the rubber.
  • Fit the timber fascia boards on any sides of the roof that are not fully framed. This is to give more places to fix the metal trims into.
  • If the timber fascias just fitted overhang past the width of the roof, trim them down so they are flush with the side of the roof, ready for the rubber to sit over them.
  • If soffit boards have been supplied with your building, fit them underneath the roof as normal to fill in the gaps.
  • Carefully place the folded up rubber on top of the roof and roll out. Square up with the edges of the roof and ideally allow it to relax for a short while.
  • In the meantime, plan how many metal trims will be required for each side to ensure full coverage around the edge of the roof.
  • Pull the rubber sheet tight and tack in a few places to keep taut. The rubber should overlap the edge of the roof slightly on all sides (if not it may be on the wrong way round, try turning it 90°).
  • Screw the metal trims onto the edge of the roof (through the rubber) starting from one end and overlapping the trims slightly as you go. We recommend pre-drilling holes to avoid slipping with the screws.
  • After all the trims are in place, fit the corner box pieces and diamond finials if supplied to finish off.
  • Trim any excess rubber so it is flush with the bottom of the metal trims (or leave overhanging for extra protection if preferred).
  • If you have ordered corner guards, affix them vertically on the corners, starting from the bottom with the top piece overlapping the bottom piece.
  • Tip for Corner Buildings: On the 45° angles to either side of the door, you can leave the trims overhanging slightly at the front.
  • Tip regarding glue: due to the metal trims fixing system, glue is not required for Shedsheet in most cases. We do supply it with the very largest buildings, in which case after allowing the rubber to relax, fold one half back on itself, then gradually roll it back into place, applying the glue as you go and using a soft brush to remove any air bubbles. Repeat for other side. Then fit the metal trims as described.
Shedsheet with black trims on a Pytchley 806
Shedsheet with Corner Guards on a Pytchley Shedsheet with Corner Guards on a Pytchley Shedsheet on a Major Apex Combi Shedsheet on a Major Apex Shedsheet on a Major Apex Shedsheet on a Charnwood Pent Modern Shedsheet on a Major Apex Shedsheet on a Major Pent Modern Shedsheet with Corner Guards on a Pytchley Shedsheet on a Major Apex Combi Shedsheet on a Cotswold Summerhouse