Why use a Retailer?


·        Personal service

·        Most have a display area

·        They buy in bulk to keep costs down

·        Additional services

·        Some keep stock of popular models

·        Experience

·        Free advice

·        Can be flexible about delivery

·        Support local businesses

·        Assembly service

·        After sales service


Why Buy Albany?


·        Thicker than average timber

·        Established over 25 years

·        Wide range of products

·        Made in the UK

·        Hardwood doors on summerhouses

·        Network of retailers

·        Specials can be made to order

·        Value for money

·        We don’t use chipboard

·        Manufacturers of the Major heavy duty


We offer two different styles of roof- Apex & Pent



The Apex is a double pitch roof that slopes to either side. The door is usually in the narrow end of the shed, although The Warwick plus and The Major are tall enough to accomodate a door in the long side; as well as our standard range shed, The Pytchley.

The Pent is a single pitch roof that slopes to the front or back. Door can be fitted in the long or the narrow side. Albany offer 10 different door positions for our Pent roof sheds.

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Re-Treating your building

We can provide

Assembly Guides

if you assemble the

building yourself.


We recommend you re-treat your building within 6 months (or straight away if supplied un-treated), and from then on annually to keep it looking fresh and protect it against the elements.

Barrettine Red Cedar (spirit based) and Albany Brown (water based) can be ordered from your local retailer in 5L tubs (we recommend you contact the retailer to check if they are in stock).

Some buildings are supplied with hardwood doors, which should be treated as one would an exterior household door rather than a shed door. We would advise for them to be treated with at least two coats of a suitable timber protection such as Sadolin, as soon as possible after installation. Please bear in mind that timber is a natural product and a certain amount of expansion, contraction and surface splits are normal.