Q:   Do you sell direct to the public?

A:   No, we sell through retailers as we believe they offer the best service to the end customer.


Q:   What are your sheds treated with?

A:   Where factory treatment is specified we use a base coat of water based Albany Brown treatment.


Q:   Is it more expensive to buy through a retailer?

A:   No, they buy in bulk to keep costs down.


Q:   Why are there no prices on your website?

A:   Retailers prices vary slightly- depending on what they are including in the price.


Q:   Where is my nearest retailer?

A:   Please click on the where to buy link.


Q:   Do you use chipboard on floors and roofs?

A:   No we use tongue and groove, except on the cottage where we use solid butt jointed boards.


Q:   What is the delivery time?

A:   Delivery time varies depending on the time of year, your local retailer can advise. Please allow longer for delivery during Spring & Summer.


Q:   Do your sheds come with felt?

A:   Yes they come with everything you need: felt, glass, fixings and trims.


Q:   Can you assemble my shed?

A:   Most retailers offer an assembly service or could recommend someone.


Q:   What do I need to put my shed onto?

A:   You need a solid level base to support the shed floor - see the base requirements link for more information.


Q:   How often do I have to treat my shed?

A:   If the shed is factory treated we recommend you re treat your shed within 6 months and from then on annually. If it is supplied untreated you need to treat it straight away.


Q:   What should I use to treat my shed?

A:   See the information page for more details.


Q:   Can you make a shed to my requirements?

A:   Some models can be altered, contact your nearest retailer for more information.


Q:   Do you use Redwood or Whitewood?

A:   Both, but we only buy timber of a certain grade.


Q:   Are the timber sizes quoted finished sized?

A:   Yes they are the sizes after machining.


Q:   Which way do the floor joists run on your sheds?

A:   It varies depending on the size or model – please check if crucial.


Q:   Is your timber from sustainable sources?

A:   Yes, all timber is from ethically managed forests.


Q:   Will I need planning permission?

A:   Planning permission may be required on larger buildings depending on size and location – please check with your local council if unsure. We may be able to make certain buildings lower to avoid planning permission if necessary. It is the customer’s responsibility to check if planning is required.



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