Base Requirements

We cannot stress enough the importance of importance of putting your Albany building onto a solid level foundation. Get it right and your building will fit together perfectly and last for years. Get it wrong and you could have problems with assembly, the shed will not last nearly as long and the doors may not close properly.

Positioning of your Building

The size of your building is approximate and does not allow for roof overhangs. When deciding where to site your building you must allow sufficient room for the roof and allow access for assembling, maintenance and retreating of the building. The minimum space required is usually 300mm (1ft) all the way around the building although 500mm is preferable. Your base does not have to be larger than the building.


Base Requirements

Suitable Bases

Not Suitable

Paving Slabs


Bearers/Sleepers On




Loose Bricks


Any uneven surface

The below diagrams are examples only! If you are supplying your own bearers/ sleepers please check quantity and size of bearers required for your building. Larger floors are supplied in two or more sections and need to be supported at the joins. Bearers to be at 90 degrees to floor joists - floor joists do vary depending on model and size of building.

We recommend a fully paved area


If using bearers or sleepers they must run the opposite way to the joists on the building floor. Direction of floor joists will vary depending on the size and model of the building. If using slabs the whole area should be paved in order to support the floor. A slab in each corner is not adequate.

Whatever base you use it is imperative that it is firm, flat and level otherwise your building will not fit together properly and will not last as long.


If you need to check the length, direction or quantity of bearers you need, exact floor measurements or further advice of please do not hesitate to contact us during office hours or contact your local distributor.


Your local retailer may offer a base laying service or be able to recommend someone.


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